Drupal and the authoring UX

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In the past, efforts to optimize User Experience in Drupal were mostly focussed on site builders and developers. This may come to no surprise, as we are a very technically oriented community. But what about UX for non-technical people like authors, marketers or webmasters? These are the people working with the website on a day-to-day basis, managing its content, assets, campaigns, etc. They have a very different background compared to developers and site builders.

The reason why this is an important issue is mainly two-fold:

  • Productivity and ease of use suffer from suboptimal UX
  • Marketers and content authors have tons of influence nowadays when it comes to choosing and buying ECM solutions 

Responsibility is shifting away from technical departments to the marketing department, which has totally different expectations. Site building, in this case, is done by Drupal professionals - so the site builder UX becomes less important in this scenario.

In this session, we will

  • discuss UX for content authors and marketers
  • indicate the low hanging fruits in the context of Drupal
  • look at how Drupal stacks up to other products in the market and see what we may learn from them

Come join this session if you are interested in usability and user experience design and want to learn more about possible improvements to future versions of Drupal! It would be nice if some content authors or marketers working with Drupal could join in too, to share possible issues they experience when working with Drupal.