State of Search, Solr and Facets in Drupal 8

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Code and Development

In this session I'll give you an overview what changed so far in Drupal 8  in regards to the Search eco-system. We will talk about Search API, Apache Solr, Facet API and Elastic Search.

Over the course of the last 3 years I've been involved in how Search in Drupal 8 should take form and what needed to change to merge the Apache Solr module with the Search API Solr module. In this presentation I hope to give you some guidance what is still pending and what already was done. I will also try to explain what effort it takes to push and move such projects.

Depending on the audience we can go really in-depth or stay general. Please let me know in advance what you expect from this session so I can tailor it to your needs!

Slides are attached in PDF and are also availble in slideshare: